NovaFlux started the development of its famous Two-Phase Flow (TPF) technology platform, and has expanded its IP protection in the United States and worldwide. Our Two-Phase Flow technology is based on creating a high-velocity turbulent flow mixture of a gas and a liquid to clean narrow tubes and lumens about 1000 times better than the conventional liquid flushing currently practiced in the healthcare industry. We are able to clean the internal surfaces of capillaries with dimensions of 200 microns up to 20 cm diameter pipes to levels that cannot be matched by any other technology.

Our IP-protected TPF technology cleans narrow lumens by the impact forces of high-velocity droplets from a gas stream and by the shear forces generated as liquid slides over the lumen surfaces at the three-phase contact line. The air velocity used in the TPF technology can reach up to 160 kilometers/hour. Despite the generation of high-shear forces, the TPF technology is safe to clean delicate medical devices without degrading them. Our devices cover applications in hemodialysis, endoscopy, dialysis water systems and membranes.

NovaFlux scientists and engineers have exceptional expertise and capability in developing high-value medical equipment and devices that are currently used to treat patients in healthcare facilities. The ClearFlux® Dialyzer Regeneration System received the FDA 510(k) clearance in 2010. We are currently preparing to submit applications for FDA approval for two other medical devices.

NovaFlux is currently expanding its portfolio of disruptive technologies including the UFLUX outside-in filter technology for applications in hemodialysis and hemofiltration.

NovaFlux Accomplishments

  • NovaFlux is highly regarded in medical technology innovations and has received funding in excess of $30 million from the National Institutes of Health, making it a major NIH funding recipient in New Jersey over the past few years.
  • NovaFlux has been successful in licensing its technologies to major multi-billion dollar companies.

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